“Younger” Ep. 604 (Airs 7/10/19)

Younger Review: An Inside Glob (Season 6 Episode 4)

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On Younger Season 6 Episode 4, “An Inside Glob,” things finally come to a head in the mystery of Zane and Charles’ new interprise, and Kelsey and Liza fight for their power in a tremendously satisfying way. 

Kelsey, Liza, and Diana face a new challenge in running Millenial as they have to work hard to keep a seasoned erotica author in house. Bronwyn’s concerns over being taken seriously and being allowed to still write in the same way she has been for years are very understandable.

“Younger” Ep. 604 (Airs 7/10/19)
“Younger” Ep. 604 (Airs 7/10/19)

Watching Kelsey and Liza prove to her that they are the right home for her books genuinely feels like such a triumphant moment, I can’t help but cheer when I watch this episode. 

Bronwyn writes erotic fiction for older women, and even though Kelsey is a boss in her twenties, I still completely believe that she is the right person to keep facilitating those stories over men like Charles and Zane. Mercury would have used Bronwyn as a “cash cow” without ever having any actual respect or appreciation for the content she creates and the genre she writes outside of what she could do for them. 

Women’s literature, and women’s media in general, is so often overlooked or invalidated and they have to work twice as hard to succeed in male dominated spaces. Kelsey and Liza winning over Bronwyn in the end really gave my feminist heart a pure note of joy. 

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“Younger” Ep. 604 (Airs 7/10/19)
“Younger” Ep. 604 (Airs 7/10/19)

Liza is in perhaps the trickiest position in this whole situation because of her relationships with both Charles and Kelsey. At first we’re made to believe that she’ll keep his secret and allow him to keep manipulating her life in a really heartbreaking way. Which is why watching her drop the mic at brunch, after being played by someone who is supposed to love her, is such a good moment. 

Liza: He called your books matron lit.

I want Charles and Liza’s relationship to succeed, don’t get me wrong. I’ve invested a lot of time and hope into their connection with each other and I would love to see them get their own happily ever after, but that absolutely cannot come at the expense of the other parts of Liza’s life. Charles shouldn’t jeopardize Liza’s career, or her relationship with Kelsey, and even his relationship with Liza for the sake of getting ahead with his own career. 

Him not wanting to give up on that part of his life is totally fair, but to go about it in such a manipulative and shady way is so disappointing. It’s going to take a lot for Charles to earn back my trust and I want to see Liza demand the respect that she deserves. 

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Kelsey and Liza are being severely underestimated by Charles and Zane, and openly disrespected as professionals. I don’t know how this storyline will be resolved but I am definitely team Millenial. 

  • I love Maggie’s new relationship but that entire garlic clove scene made me so uncomfortable. The second hand embarassment is strong with this one.
  • Lauren is my new favorite baby sitter. I want to see her spending a lot more time with Josh and Gemma.
  • I love watching Josh become a dad and seek to be a constant and loving presence in his daughters life even while not being in a relationship with her mother. There’s so much maturity in this storyline I am continually impressed by it. 
  • I don’t know about the men of New York, but Kelsey having BDE is definitely a plus not a drawback. She deserves a man who is impressed by her power, not intimidated by it. 


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One thought on “Younger Review: An Inside Glob (Season 6 Episode 4)

  • When i saw the preview, I was like tone it down Kels, stop with playing the victim. It’s business. But having seen the episode I get it a bit more. I still think she lays it on thick, but at the same time I love her passion. Liza was betrayed more, and I think part of her gets it, but her reaction at lunch was just perfection. She walkes the line between understanding and not being a doormat perfectly on that one!

    Zane has been a scheming you-know-what from the get-go, so this is nothing new from him, and definitely not unexpected. This IS new for Charles though, and I am surprised. I saw “after younger” on YouTube and thought Peter Hermann gave a really good explanation there – basically to say that we all have moments where we do out of character things in our lives. So very true.
    I think things got away from Charles and maybe snowballed a bit, but even so, it was underhanded, disrespectful and generally uncool.

    I get him wanting to start his own thing, I really do, but he should have resigned from Millennium’s board as soon as he made an offer to that author (preferably before actually).

    Somehow I don’t think this will break their relationship, in fact I think it might put them back on even footing, but I am curious to see them work this out and deal with the Chinese Wall they’ll have to put up between their business and private lives. Not to mention Kelsey’s reaction to them staying together.

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