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The Chosen Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Reckoning

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On The Chosen Season 2 Episode 7, “Reckoning,” Jesus is brought in for questioning causing His followers to fall into a panic. Their doubts divide them — ultimately drawing them all further away from Jesus.

As the episode begins, Atticus is seen pulling down a decree asking for the whereabouts of Jesus of Nazareth. The Roman soldiers, namely Quintus, desire a word with Jesus over the ruckus He is causing all over the kingdom.

Jesus has brought many new ideas to wherever He travels with His followers. In typical fashion, these new ideas split the community. Some understand these changes must come about, while others want to remain in their old ways.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 5

Quintus and Atticus talk at length about Jesus and what He means to the Roman empire. In some ways, Jesus has helped Quintus achieve his goals, while in other ways He has tarnished his reputation. 

Meanwhile, at camp, Jesus speaks to His followers discussing an impactful sermon that He is planning to give. This sermon is going to require the obedience of His followers, giving them each a role they must fulfill. 

This is a statement that Jesus has repeated for many episodes. Every person in His fold is there for a reason. Each one has been called by their ability.

His followers are excited to be part of the process until the Roman soldiers appear. The soldiers put them on edge, causing the men to draw their weapons in defense of their Rabbi. 

Our adversaries tend to bring the best and worst out of us. We want to stand our ground when they raise their ugly head, but sometimes we go to extreme measures to stay in the fight.

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Jesus has to repeatedly ask His followers to put down their weapons. They manage to do so reluctantly. 

The Chosen Season 1 Episode 2 - Shabbat

The entire time Jesus remains peaceful and requires the same from His followers. After all, violence begets violence, and there is no way that they can fend them all off. But much more than that, Jesus’ legacy should never be about “might is right.”

As Jesus is taken away, Simon, Andrew, and the others begin to bicker about the right way to move forward. Jesus assured them He would return on His own accord, but some of them do not feel right about allowing Him to be captured.

Who knows what fate Quintus has planned for Jesus? He could be put in prison, or worse, be put to death. 

The group squabble over whether they should rely on Jesus’ word or follow their instincts. While many come to their senses, Andrew and a couple of others travel to town looking to find where they took Jesus. 

We have been told many times throughout our lives to rely on our own judgment, but how often has that gotten us in big trouble? The answer is more often than not. We jump to conclusions and leap off cliffs that have no bottom in sight.

In the end, we are left in a pile of blood made by our own hands. 

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Andrew’s mission to rescue Jesus leads him to a gathering of people. There are shouts and celebrations over the miraculous things Jesus has done. In Andrew’s clouded judgment, he is angered.

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How dare these people spread the word of Jesus? Don’t they understand that this will only get Him in further trouble?

Andrew: You must stop drawing attention to Jesus.

Although Andrew’s heart is in the right place, Jesus would never tell anyone to stop spreading His ministry. Andrew’s confusion has led him down a dark path, causing him to act foolishly. 

During this time, Jesus speaks with the ever-so-smug Quintus. Questions are rapidly lobbed at Jesus, hoping to trip Him up or make Him look imprudent. Jesus remains calm, not even brought to anger when His cousin is mentioned. 

It would have been easy for Jesus to put Quintus in his place, but now was not the place nor time for such things. All that would do is raise tempers and flare Quintus’ oversized ego. 

Before too long, Jesus is let go from integration. Quintus believes He is no threat. Jesus returns to camp but refrains from telling His followers immediately.

The Chosen Season 1

If they had believed in Jesus’ word, they would not have been afraid for His safety. Nonetheless, their fears continue until they finally see their Rabbi face-to-face. Jesus is welcomed back with a smile, but a few of His followers are upset that He didn’t greet them sooner.

The overarching theme of this episode is doubt. Not only do Jesus’ followers doubt He will return safely, but Quintus doubts that Jesus will have any lasting impact on the Roman empire. Both refuse to take into account who Jesus claims to be. 

When greatness presents itself to us, accept it. There is no point in denying incredible power. All that will do is make us a fool in the end. 

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