Sweet/Vicious Review: Heartbreaker (Season 1 Episode 7)

Sweet/Vicious Review: Heartbreaker (Season 1 Episode 7)

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Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 7 “Heartbreaker” is the episode we’ve all collectively been waiting for with bated breath. And after watching Jules’ journey pre and post rape, I can’t help but feel one thing for Jules Thomas. Pride.

She survived.

Sure, she’s angry. Sure, she hasn’t been healing and has thrown herself into the vagilante life with an intensity that sometimes even surprises her. But she survived.

Jules is proof that we’re all survivors, every single victim of sexual assault. Like Jules, our assailants took a part of our control away and made it theirs. But do we stop? No. We survive.

Not everything was perfect in Jules journey to understanding her assault.

She’s met with caring hands from a medical professional and the condescending words of a person key in reporting assaults. After that she falls down a rabbit hole as she spirals on the pain of what had happened to her.

Instead of healing, Jules stops. Her life becomes the assault and she is paralyzed by it. And when she goes to group therapy…the spark in her turns into a roaring flame.

“Heartbreaker” is when Jules starts healing. She’s feeling the pain of it and not pretending she’s ok anymore. She’s far from ok.

With the help of Ophelia, and the group, she will continue surviving.

What makes “Heartbreaker” stand out against every single rape story on-screen is that this is the story of a rape survivor that doesn’t put frills, extra dramatics, or the sole focus on catching the assailant.

This is Jules story.

It’s relatable, eye-opening, real. In many ways it feels like you’re seeing your own experience on the screen and finally comprehending how strong you are, just like Jules.

You are just as strong, fierce and unwavering. You might not wear a mask or a voice modulator, but you are like her. You’re still kicking!

You’re still out there showing the world in smalls ways that this is not right, the way it’s handled is not enough, and that you will not be crushed by it. And when you feel like you’re being weighed down by it, because we all come to that point over and over again, there are people to help.

There are shows like Sweet/Vicious that can show you how badass you really are, there are support groups that will help no matter how long it takes or if you even talk, and there are websites or hotlines like the ones listed below:




Jules is just beginning to heal and we can’t wait to continue on this journey with her. If there’s anything we’ve learned so far is that she’s survived before and she’ll survive now.

What did you think of this episode of Sweet/Vicious? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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