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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 2, “A Door Into the Dark,” reaffirms my position on Jocelyn and Aldertree, I want them gone.

Aldertree is using everyone from Lydia to Simon to do his dirty work and in the process is threatening everyone’s life. I’m not quite sure who he thinks he is threatening to banish Simon from seeing Clary or threatening to de-rune Izzy, but he needs to leave. He is not someone that I can just trust.

Jocelyn has been telling lies left and right her whole life, and now she just expects for people to trust her and believe her. Well, that’s not going to happen, sweetie. Her excuse for trying to kill Jace is that he has demon blood in him, but I’m not so sure that’s true.

If Jace had, in fact, been experimented on as a child and can do such horrible things due to the demon blood, why hasn’t he already?

Jace has never, not once, had an incident like the one Jocelyn showed Clary. He’s been living at the Institute with other shadowhunters for his entire life. If something had happened due to demon blood, they surely would’ve found out.

I don’t think that Jace is Jonathan, a.k.a. Jocelyn’s son and Clary’s brother.

Izzy and Clary’s friendship is most definitely one of the highlights of the show. These two haven’t known each other very long, but Izzy has taken Clary in and wants to help her whenever she can.

Izzy and her mother don’t have an excellent relationship, just like Clary and Jocelyn, so she can relate to Clary in that sense. I think that Izzy is just, in general, an admirable person. She looks out for everybody and is always wanting to help, which is also the same way that Clary ticks.

As for Alec, well, he doesn’t like anybody but Jace and Izzy. And sometimes, he doesn’t even put up with Izzy.

I get it, Clary shows up and everything changes, but Alec is way over the top to Clary. He knows that she isn’t the cause of any of this, but he wants to be able to blame all of his problems on someone other than himself, so he chooses her because she is the obvious target.

Alec gets so caught up in his mind when it comes to Jace that he doesn’t or won’t listen to anyone else other than himself. Now, his life is in danger because he couldn’t wait one more day to try and find Jace. All he had to do was listen to Izzy, don’t do the spell, and calm down a little bit, but we all knew that it wasn’t going to happen.

SHADOWHUNTERS – Freeform/John Medland

One little joy is Simon. Simon and Magnus teaming up is the best thing to happen since Malec.

Magnus remembers what it was like to have to grow as a new warlock all by himself, learning everything as he went with no help at all. So, he vowed that he would always help when he could and now he is. His back and forth with Simon is hands down the best thing about this episode, besides Simon learning how to be a vampire, of course.

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Simon learning how to control his powers will play a big part in the season and, hopefully, will allow Simon to stand up for himself more as he begins to realize that he isn’t just a weak little mundane anymore.

“A Door Into the Dark” keeps the new tone of the show and further proves to me that this season is going to be way better than Season 1.

Other Thoughts:

  • After everything that Luke has done for Jocelyn, I don’t understand how she can just lie to him about Jonathan’s demon blood experiments.
  • Izzy beating up the street fighter is one of the best scenes of the episode.
  • Why if Jocelyn isn’t 100% sure that Jace is Jonathan would she just go on a killing mission? Wouldn’t you want to get confirmation that it’s him before trying to kill him? Because to me, I don’t think he is Jonathan. This storyline makes absolutely no sense.
  • After everything that Clary has been through, how can she be dumb enough to leave the Institute with no protection? I get it, she’s still a new shadowhunter, but that doesn’t mean she is automatically that stupid to walk around unprotected and risk her life just to draw again.
  • I’ll be the one to say it: Gretel being killed is absolute crap. She was only introduced to be killed one episode later, and that is so wrong. I thought this show was being more progressive, but this scene just upset me. I never thought we would have to deal with something like this from the new showrunners.

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