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On Frequency Season 1 Episode 11, “Negative Copy,” Frank ends up accidentally changing the timeline, and while it solves some of his and Raimy’s problems (like Raimy being under investigation for shooting Deacon Joe), a whole new slew of issues pop up.

Here are the top moments from “Negative Copy.” What moments were your favorite?

1. Jules and Frank working together

For the majority of the season, Jules and Frank have been fighting. If they were on good terms, then someone, usually Frank, was keeping things from the other.

Frank finally tells Jules some of what is going on, and Jules does her best to help him out in any way that she can. Jules is there for Frank to talk to, and she offers him her own advice on the situation.

Then, even though she doesn’t approve, Jules supports Frank in his quest to get the Nightingale off the street. She’s also saves his ass when Satch comes sniffing around for Frank’s police car.

Jules and Frank are finally a team, and you start to really root for them to get back together. It’s refreshing to see this side of their relationship.

Jules shows that she can be an asset, and Frank is able to get some stuff off his chest. You can tell that he has been dying to talk to someone in 1996 about some of what has been going on, and now he finally can.

2. The Haas family protecting Raimy

In the present day, Raimy does not have any family, but Gordo has always been a constant presence in her life. It’s clear that the two of them are very close friends, but isn’t until this episode that we get a true sense of how the rest of the Haas family views Raimy.

She’s family. They have clearly been looking out for her, probably starting way back when her mother first disappeared, and then they never stopped.

Without Gordo even having to call his dad to ask, Gordo Senior shows up at the precinct to come to Raimy’s defense. This is something a father would do (if your father is a defense lawyer, obviously), and it is a really sweet gesture.

He never asks her any real details about the shooting (like did you murder the Nightingale in cold blood), and it does not seem like he even needs to know. All Gordo Sr. needs to know is that Raimy is in trouble, and he comes running to help.

3. Raimy overhearing Frank talking to young Raimy

This scene is what makes the show worth watching. It’s the emotional bond between a daughter getting to know her father who died young in the most unusual way.

Raimy and Frank’s conversations allow the two of them to get to know each other when they are about the same age, which is a unique bonding experience. It allows them to be closer than they ever really could have been, even if Frank was still alive.

While Raimy remembers her father, memories fade. Unless she has a crazy good memory, she probably cannot recall specifics about conversations they had when Raimy was a child.

This is why Raimy hearing how Frank talks to her younger self is so emotional for her. She is witnessing a memory unfold, and it’s such an amazing scene. Raimy is remembering (and hearing) the caring tone in her father’s voice, and how much he loved her.

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You want nothing more than to be able to hug Raimy at the end of the scene.

4. Putting the pieces together

I’ve said it before, but a lot of times Raimy does not come across as all that great of a detective, so moments when she does are even more amazing to me.

Yes, she should have been a little quicker on her feet at the precinct when the timeline changed (again), but Raimy makes up for it later. It’s fascinating to listen and watch her put the pieces together of how Frank being suspected for stealing back in 1996 has altered the present day so much.

It also helps you, as a viewer, try to figure out what exactly has changed and why.

5. Ramifications

With time changing so much, some actions have ramifications and some do not. Thankfully, we do get to see Raimy squirm for a bit before Frank inadvertently changes things in the past to where Raimy never kills Deacon Joe in the present.

This whole mistake could have been quickly wiped away, but it’s not. Plus, it looks like Raimy was going to actually face criminal charges for the shooting, if Gordo Sr.’s speech to her as they enter the precinct is any indication.

It’s hard to immediately understand a lot of the ramifications that happen in this hour. At one point it looks like Raimy’s outburst in the station about Deacon Joe having his wife’s body in his house leads to Meghan getting killed, but then everything changes again, and suddenly Meghan’s brother is alive!

Still, the ramifications prove to be shocking and entertaining, and with every one that is shown or revealed, you immediately want to know more.


What did you think of this episode of Frequency? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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