Bones Review: The Brain in the Bot (Season 12 Episode 2)

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Bones sticks to its tried and true formula of following a serious, suspenseful episode with one that’s a little lighter.

On Bones Season 12 Episode 2, “The Brain in the Bot,” the team interacts with a robot, Hodgins loses an eyebrow, and Brennan plans a special surprise.

I generally take issue with the absurd ways witnesses happen upon dead bodies at the beginning of most episodes, and this time is no exception. It feels like a waste of time, and it often borders on being too cartoonish (in a gross way). This particular time includes a poodle, and one of the most disgusting dead body finds we’ve seen in a while.

If we’re going for outrageous and grotesque, then we have a winner.

Otherwise, though, it’s a good episode that continues what feels like a celebration of Bones.

That includes a scene with Booth belting out “Hot Blooded,” which is probably my favorite part of the episode. And you guys know we had to hear that song at least one more time before the show ended. (I’m not ready for that, but let’s not break out the tissues yet.)

The celebration also includes a literal celebration in Brennan’s 40th birthday, where she plans the surprise party for her friends and family instead of the other way around. (She says all of her friends and family, though only one of the squinterns is present. We know that’s because of casting, but really?)

Brennan even does a good job of pretending to suffer from professional jealousy — and perhaps takes it too far — when both Daisy and Angela are recognized for their accomplishments.

Brennan’s party becomes not only a celebration for her birthday, but also for Daisy and Angela, who each even get their own cakes.

And quite frankly, it’s a celebration of a character we’ve lost. It was Sweets’ tradition to give gifts on his own birthday, and what Brennan does in this episode is the kind of thing that would make Sweets proud.

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I appreciate Hodgins in this episode too. He’s at a point of acceptance with his paralysis, and he’s discovering creative ways to do his work rather that bemoaning what is now more difficult.

It’s actually pretty incredible to see what has happened with his character since he was first injured, and now he’s more likeable and complex than ever.

That said, the whole eyebrow thing? It’s a bit much, even though I can see how watching him deal with such a trivial problem now speaks to the way his character has changed too.

The case itself is the kind of thing you don’t want to think about too long. I can totally see where Aubrey is coming from with his paranoia over the robots.

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What’s nice about the robot we get to see, though, is that her purpose is to help children who are on the autism spectrum. It’s an amazing idea, and I’m glad to see more and more shows taking a step toward creating some awareness.

It’s also a treat to see Booth interact with the robot, and even better when the robot is able to detect exactly how both Booth and Brennan are feeling.

Now, I said this episode is light, all things considered, but the way it ends suggests we’re in for a sad turn.

It’s a small detail, but at Brennan’s party, Christine picks up what looks like a hospital bracelet and hands it to Max, saying he dropped it. He thanks her, and he has pain in his eyes.

He also looks to be incredibly proud of his daughter as he watches her celebrate with everyone.

Max foreshadows a problem earlier in the episode as well. He’s talking about salsa dancing with Brennan and states “You have to live life to its fullest. None of us live forever, you know.”

I’m holding my breath over here…

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